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    Friendly and approachable, professional and efficient.

    All of us at Binghams Solicitors understand that it may feel daunting when needing to use a Solicitor. We pride ourselves on our friendly yet highly professional approach to all clients. We are sympathetic to your needs and understand that when choosing a Solicitor to deal with your affairs, you need to be completely comfortable with who you choose. 

    Whatever you call us for‚ you can be assured of a warm welcome from a helpful family run firm.

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  2. Licensing



    We have extensive experience working with the hospitality sector, and can advise and assist in all aspects of obtaining a liquor license for your business. If there are objections to a new or existing license, we have a team of legal specialists who will prepare an effective response and represent you at the hearing.


  3. House Sales


    House Sales

    We will thoroughly investigate the title to your new property and advise to you as to your rights and any restrictions which may affect your property. We will provide guidance and assistance should you need a mortgage.


  4. Compensation



    If you decide that you would like us to help you make a claim, we guarantee that win or lose you will not be liable for any costs or legal fees. Nor will any deductions be taken from your compensation.


Landlord and Tenant

Leases and Tenancy Agreements can relate to a wide range of premises, including Leases of commercial properties such as shops and offices and Leases for the letting of house or flat.

Laws relating to Landlord and Tenant in both business and domestic properties are extremely technical and regulations must be strictly observed if your interests are to be protected.

We can advise and prepare Leases and Tenancy Agreements for you whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant. We can also deal with rent reviews, renewals, claims, dilapidations, proceedings, for possession, arrears of rent, breaches of covenant (for example to repair and insure, or to use only in specified manner) and generally to advise you on all aspects of your Lease or Tenancy.

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